2021McLeoadBrotherBass on 2 tracks
2020LCMI Don’t Know Why I Love You (But I Love You) (single)Bass
2019Vinny PeculiarWhile You Still CanBass and Backgroud vocals
2019LasperanzaSeedsBass on 2 tracks
2017Rogue EmperorHoly Ghost (single)Bass
2017Mancunian CandidateMancunian CandidateBass On one Track
2015Vinny PeculiarDown The Bright StreamBass & Backing Vocals on 7 Tracks
2014Joe RoseSpursBass on 5 Tracks
2014Ash HunterRural MusicBass guitar and Double bass on all
2013Parlour FlamesParlour FlamesBass Guitar on 2 Tracks
2012Angie PalmerOld Sticks To Scare A BirdBass Guitar, Double Bass & Vocals
2011Big FinnLast 5 Minuites In FunlandBass Guitar, Double Bass & Vocals
2010Badly Drawn BoyIt’s What I’m Thinking Pt.1 – Photographing SnowflakesBass Guitar And Double Bass
2009Badly Drawn BoyThe Fattest Man In Britain Sound TrackBass Guitar And Double Bass
2009AkoustrickAkoustrickBass Guitars & Composer
2009Ian LangThe WhisperBass Guitar & Double Bass
2009Craig OwenCraig Owen BandDouble Bass
2008Angie PalmerMeanwhile, As Night FallsBass Guitar & Double Bass
2007Cherry GhostA Thirst For RomanceBass on three tracks
2007Dani MinoqueHe’s The Greatest DancerBass Guitar
2007Ollie CollinsA New Directionartist, performer, writer, producer
2007Big FinnStand Up And Be CountedBass, Double Bass & Sousaphone on 10 tracks
2007Sax AssaultSax Of GoldFretted & Fretless basses
2007JooksSoft HandsBass On Two Tracks, fretted / fretless
2006Angie PalmerTales Of Light And DarknessElectric and acoustic bass
2006The Wrong HumansMettle Music Vibes CollectionFretless Bass, on “The Raven”
2005Plus 4When We Say JumpAcoustic Bass all tracks
2005RebelskiStickers On KeysBass on “Little White Lines”
2004Angie PalmerRoadAcoustic and electric basses
2004Big FinnGold In A Brass AgeFender and Acoustic basses
2003Mettle MusicMoodswingsFender bass on 3 tracks
2003MalanaMalanaBass On Three Tracks
2003Dave WalshMelody Before MeVarious Basses
2003Holly LerskiLife Is BeautifulFender bass, acoustic bass 3 tracks
2003Mettle MusicDestination ManchesterBass on tracks by Mettle Music and Melana
2003Ollie CollinsMake Time Lastartist, performer, writer, producer
2003RebelskiRebelski3 tracks electric and acoustic bass
2002Matt SwindellsMatt SwindellsBass On 3 Tracks
2002Plus 4Blue NotesAcoustic Bass all tracks
2002BigFinnBigFinnElectric /acoustic basses
2002Mettle MusicHoneycomb LoungeBass on 5 tracks
2002Jersey StreetAfter The Rainfretless /acoustic bass, 2 tracks
2001Jersey StreetHold your head up highfretless bass
2000The Elastic Band / La Gente Urbana –2000 Blues / Osanyin Electric Bass
2000GaleraNew Year New LifeElectric Bass
2000GaleraMaracatu / JingaElectric Bass
2000MoolahFace Like A SinkElectric Bass, Double bass, BVs
2000Jersey StreetStep In To The Lightfretless /acoustic bass, 2 tracks
2000Jersey StreetHow Can I Be Lovedfretless bass
2000Jersey StreetSomething’s Going DownFender bass
1999Dean O’Shea GroupOver The CityElectric Bass, writer
1999GaleraNew Year / Ano NovaElectric Bass
1999Iconic PhareTurning The TideElectric Bass, Chapman Stick, BVs
1999Aziah MatherWithout YouElectric Bass